Pressure Washing – A Powerful Wash

A sprayer based on mechanical concepts which is used to spray water with a very high pressure is a Pressure Washing sprayer or a Pressure washer. Loose paint, dust, mud and dirt may strike on the surface of vehicles, floor or concrete surface. Pressure Washing sprayer is used to remove such dirt from the surfaces easily. These sprayers use a very powerful mechanism to spray water the pressure washer volume is usually measured in gallons or liters per minute. The pumping pressure is too strong to express in small units and hence pounds per square inch is the commonly used unit.


The basic model of the Pressure Washing sprayer usually consists of a motor. The motor has various types. The motor could be electrical, internal combustion, pneumatic or hydraulic, depending on the applications. Apart from the motor the system has a high pressure hose and trigger gun style switch. The high pressure hose like in normal pipes is usually used to increase the velocity of the water. And the trigger gun type switch controls the flow of water. The user could spray water with high pressure in targeted areas using the trigger switch.

There is a requirement to the Pressure Washing sprayer. There is adequate flow of water. If the water flow is less than the required flow then it damages the components of the sprayer. Different types of nozzles are available in the market according to different applications. Different nozzles spray water in different formations. Some emits water in a triangular shape which takes fan type formation. Other nozzle emits a thin jet of water for small areas to clean. The nozzle which gives a high pressure the cleaning area covered is small.


The Pressure Washing sprayer is mainly used in industries where there is lot of dirt. In industries there are metals with hard dirt on them. But the metal is required for certain process. To clean the surface of the metal the sprayers are used. These sprayers are powered by either electricity or are gas powered. In industries mainly the Gas powered are used for mobility. There could be lack of outlets or electrical boards to use the electricity powered sprayer. The oil industries use the sprayers the most. Be it oil refineries or oil pumping stations these high powered sprayers are handy and are of great use for cleaning purposes. Detergents are introduced with the water and the water is pumped out with great force to clean the oil patches. Different companies come with their own unique detergent like this pressure washing company in Houston.

The local government corporations use the Pressure Washing sprayers for removal of graffiti from the walls of public property. Chemicals are added with high pressure water to remove the graffiti. Warm water is said to be very helpful with high pressure.

Safety Norms

Too much use of the high pressure are said to damage the surface. Usually the wooden surfaces are prone to more damages. The high pressure creates holes in the wooden surfaces allowing water to enter deep within the wood. This water breaks and damages the wood from inside.

Painting Skirt Boards

You have decided that you want to repaint your living room and you realize that in order for everything to look good you have to repaint the skirt board as well. You become apprehensive about uk skirting board because it is at the base of the wall and in order to paint it you are going to have to get down on the floor and work. This obviously will put strain on your body not to mention that skirting boards are a challenge to paint. No one looks forward to painting any room much less a decoration of the room. It doesn’t have to be such a hassle.

The first thing that you should do in order to paint any surface especially your skirting board is make sure that it is clean. You need to make sure that you remove all debris from the skirting board as well as cleaning the moldings if your skirting board has those. Even if you don’t plan to paint the decorative moldings cleaning them ensures that debris cannot accidently mix with the paint. If you notice any minor imperfections this is the time to take care of them so you can ensure a smooth painting experience.

The next thing that you should worry about is protecting the area around you from stray paint. Anyone who has painted before knows that there is always going to be a little bit of a mess. It is important to protect your floors and the surrounding area. This can be as simple as laying down plastic sheets or old linens. If you have carpet consider using something heavier such as a large piece of cardboard to prevent the lint from the carpet interfering with the paint job.

Now it is time to gather all the supplies needed. This is where you get to pull out your fashionable pair of safety glasses as well as masks and tape. Painter’s tape will be your best friend when trying to paint your skirt board. You can apply the tape alongside the molding to keep paint from spreading into those areas. The tape will stay there until the paint around it is just about dry. This is also where you want to ensure that you have all your supplies because the worst thing that could happen is that you start your paint job, realize you forgot something, and make a mistake. Always be prepared

The last step is to take your time and have fun.